Case studies

Case Study 1:

Bristol Water – Southern Strategic Spine Main

In 2016, Hydrotech were awarded the Southern Strategic Spine Main installation by Kier for Bristol Water. This 22km section, 7km in the highway, was a clear sign that Hydrotech were trusted by this blue-chip company to deliver this important and time constraint project. Building strong relations with the client, local businesses and area population the company has won plaudits from all and with a strong start is expect to complete the installation of the mostly 700mm cast iron pipe well ahead of schedule. Over-coming major obstacles, the project, the third largest pipeline in the UK, has become the definitive job thus far in HWS(UK)Ltd’s 12-year history. Featured in the Construction Industry News magazine this job alone proves that no pipeline is too big.


Case Study 2:

Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station

Currently undertaking site pressure testing and chlorination at Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station our technician has been working closely with both the contractor, client and water company to ensure site has safe drinking water and a secure pipeline. Overcoming the many obstacles that such a site creates our staff have worked hard to become an integral part of the contractor’s team ensuring both delivery and quality.